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[Feature Request] More options for Pokemon Battle Revolution?


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I'm not sure if requests should go here (if it isn't, sorry about that) but would it be possible to update PKHeX support so that it works well with PBR? So far, the only features I'm able to do is check the Pokemon stored in the PC. I'm unable to check Pokemon that are in my party, and am also unable to edit or even see Pokemon on my rental passes. I would love for this to be an option sometime, as there are many mons that I got through the Trade Battle format that I'd like to see in full detail and move to the main series games.

Also, currently there is no way to edit any trainer passes, or customization in the passes. The rental passes have limited customization in the in-game editor, as you're not allowed to change skin tones there. I was hoping that a future PKHeX update would lift that restriction, if possible.


I'd love it if these features were added to PKHeX, as the current PBR editor is rather barebones. In any case, thank you for taking the time to read this.

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There's a lack of information regarding structure of those save files; I'm not interested in researching this game as I do not own it.

Here's what's currently known about the save file, but there's much more that would need to be documented before anything could be implemented in the program.


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And if you can modify the rental pool of the sunset colosseum, it is that it is very difficult to beat this coliseum with the pokemon that it gives you and so there is some way to modify it to use yours or that the pokemon have more power or better attacks

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