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  1. Any chance of Japanese save support for this? I tried using it, but ended up getting a corrupted save out of it. A lot of the data that's shown off when editing seemed to be correct, like the mon data (just with weird names), and the item data.
  2. I've attempted both methods, and it doesn't seem to work, even after a few attempts. Also, interestingly, upon loading my save game, my C-Gear appears glitchy whenever I attempt this, though it fixes itself after turning on the C-Gear functions. Edit: I have tried injecting the skins again, this time reinjecting the C-Gear skin alongside the Pokedex skin. Now my C-Gear skin is glitched up, and the Pokedex skin still does not show up.
  3. It seems like Pokegen only has a C-Gear Skin editor, I haven't seen any option for the Pokedex skin.
  4. I have injected the C-Gear and Pojedex skins through Pokestock. The Pokedex skin injection did not work, but the C-Gear did.
  5. Recently, I've been trying to insert downloadable content into my Pokemon White save. While the C-Gear skin and Pokemon Musical work fine, I am having trouble getting the Pokedex skin to do the same. Whenever I boot up my game after applying the skin, a message pops up, stating that my dex skin has been deleted, and when checking my Pokedex, I am left with the default design. I have attempted this with PokeStock. I would love to be able to use these skins, so any help would be appreciated!
  6. Here's the .pk5 for the Cottonee. 546 - モンモン - 45956400007E.pk5
  7. I've recently tried checking my Pokemon White save in PKHeX, and strangely, one of the Pokemon I got normally has been flagged as an illegal mon. The mon in question is Lass Aya's Cottonee, Monmon, from the Japanese version.
  8. Awesome! Thank you so much for this, it helped a lot. Anyway, I think I already found something pretty interesting. At first, I was just trying to edit my rental pass trainer's skin tone, but I accidentally stumbled across something neater than that. By editing 0x23895 (where my first/main rental pass is) from 06 to 07, I was able to change my trainer to Lucas from DP. His trainer class is considered "Young Boy A" in the game, although he has his own unique animations. Weirdly enough, his Battle Pass portrait is messed up; it zooms in on his legs rather than his face or full body! I'll try more values to see if Dawn, the boss trainers, or alternate skin tones are available. Edit: I have just tested out values 08, 09, 0A, 0B, and 0D. 08 let me play as Dawn, who is also called "Young Boy A". 09, 0A, 0B and 0D crashed the game upon loading Battle Passes. Basically: 07 = Lucas, 08 = Dawn. 06 and under are all legal trainer classes. I've also found out where the skin tone is determined. It is at offset 0x23A62. The default (A) skin tone is 0, but setting it to 1 will change it to B, the slightly darker one. Setting it to 2 will likely make it C. It was probably located here since the Japanese version didn't let you change skin tones, so they placed the setting in a near-inaccessible location. I've also been trying to search for where rental Pokemon are located, but haven't had any luck so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. I've recently been trying to save edit PBR, and have used the decrypting tool that was posted here. However, I have an issue now, where I can't re-encrypt the edited save file after changing things around in the hex editor. How do I do that?
  10. I'm not sure if requests should go here (if it isn't, sorry about that) but would it be possible to update PKHeX support so that it works well with PBR? So far, the only features I'm able to do is check the Pokemon stored in the PC. I'm unable to check Pokemon that are in my party, and am also unable to edit or even see Pokemon on my rental passes. I would love for this to be an option sometime, as there are many mons that I got through the Trade Battle format that I'd like to see in full detail and move to the main series games. Also, currently there is no way to edit any trainer passes, or customization in the passes. The rental passes have limited customization in the in-game editor, as you're not allowed to change skin tones there. I was hoping that a future PKHeX update would lift that restriction, if possible. I'd love it if these features were added to PKHeX, as the current PBR editor is rather barebones. In any case, thank you for taking the time to read this.
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