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(Odd Request?) Swapping trainer sprites from HGSS to Platinum?


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Sorry if this is a bit of an odd request... if hack requests are not allowed, my apologies!

You see, I've been enjoying Platinum, but ever since I got Soul Silver, I've been totally in love with the new sprites, and I was wondering...

Is it possible to replace Lucas's sprites (Overworld, Battle Sprite, and Back Frames) with Silver's from HG/SS, Dawn's sprite with Kotone's (Girl from HG/SS), and Pearl's sprite with Hibiki's sprite (Boy from HG/SS)?

I know it seems totally backwards, right? Why swap out Lucas with Silver-- you would think I would have it be Lucas -> Hibiki. Honestly, I just like Silver a lot, it's one of those, "Play as the villain!" kind of things. Plus, Pearl -> Hibiki makes me smile.

Could this sprite-swap be done with Platinum?

I've also considered that Lucas/Dawn's overworld sprites do have certain poses which HGSS Silver's does not (riding bike/lapras/etc.) so I've been working on making some for him. Same with Kotone and Hibiki's.

So if someone can actually swap out these sprites, I can provide the replacement sprites in PNG. ^__^ (I'll be sure not to add any new colors to the sprites either, just in case that makes the palette tinkering any harder.)

It would mean a lot to me, and in return I can draw three pictures for you or your Pokemon project, if you like (one for swapping each character).

Would anyone be up to this request?

Thank you kindly! ^_^

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