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Choosing the Gen of a blank save

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Vladcik    11


Sorry for this strange title, but i didn't find any better description. I'm gonna explain it better : When you open pkhex, you have a blank file, updated to Gen 7, and this way you can put some random Pokemon files and see stats etc for just easy / fast editing on files;

But, the thing is that I've a huge collection of pokemon files from many gens, and when I want to see something (IVs for gen I for example) they're converted into gen 7 Pokemon Files. And so you can't see more in detail. Same with "met" data for any pokemon from previous gen.

What i suggest is the possibility to set in option which blank save's generation is set when you open Pkhex (for one time or for everytime, this is not really important I guess), and this way players could see pokemon in the right gen or could even make some transfert to the gen of their choice and see the new file (like Gen 3 => Gen 4 etc)

Thanks !

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