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A Collector's Guide to WC6 & WC7 Language and Region Mayhem


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So to summarize:

If I want to get event Pokémon that are locked to regions I don't live in, I have the following options (for Gen 6 and 7):

  1. Buy a 3DS and the game from that specific region, and simply use PKHX to inject the wondercard. Then I don't have to worry about setting the region or anything else with PKHX.
  2. Buy a 3DS from my region and use Homebrew/Luma to spoof its region and continue as normal.
  3. Use my current 3DS and inject the wondercard, receive the Pokémon, then change region, OT name and nickname plus make it look like it was traded. Afterwards delete the wondercard just to be safe.

I might probably just get the Pokémon that were available in my country (Germany) or my region (EUR), but if I decide to get the other ones, I'd go for option 2 (if you can confirm this should still work). :)

Edit: Bulbagarden has a great list of event Pokémon and their distribution, and it uses the same terminology as here (code, network, local). It's a great place to check if you can obtain a Pokémon.

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Added a link to a list that uses the same terminology
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