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  1. Gotcha, fair enough, thank you. One absolute final question on this subject: You mentioned language-specific OTs. Should the OT then also match the save file language, or the region of the device/access of internet? Like, if I downloaded an event on my english save file while accessing the Nintendo servers from Spain, would it give me an English Pokemon WITH the English-specific OT, or would it give me an English Pokemon with the Spanish-specific OT? Apologies for the many questions, this one just wasn't very easy to understand for sure for me.
  2. Yes, that's what happened. I do know now that I need the English ones, so thank you, that bit was just a bit strange to me so I thought about asking. This is confusing me a bit. Aren't IV/Nature related to the seeds, and the seeds are (at least partially) determined by date and time on your 3DS? So even if I have a completely wrong date set on my 3DS, it would still be a mon that corresponds to that wrong date, no? So if I keep the stuck date from the injected events, wouldn't that be wrong? Or is the date just stuck there cause of the day you receive the wondercard, and the actual mon's data like nature and IV are then individually determined by the seed when you *actually* physically pick it up in-game?
  3. Thank you very much. I have two more questions concerning this topic, if that's okay: For one, because I *thought* that the file should match the region you're accessing the internet (and thus, the event) from, I injected Spanish events into my ENG language save file. They still came out English anyways. Do you know if there's a difference in this and an ENG file Pokemon? And this is mostly because it relates to injected mystery gift, I'm sorry if this is not allowed to ask here, just ignore it if it is: Since the date is stuck on whatever the original WC had (say, Steven's beldum on the first of february 2015) but I'll receive it on a different day, I imagine it's possible for the seed's IV/Nature to not match any possible seeds for the WC date. Can I just change the Pokemon's date received in PkHex to match the date my system was set to, and make it more "natural"?
  4. Haha, well I did know that, I just wasn't sure if the files correspond to save file or the region where you're accessing the internet from. My train of thought was if I download a file in Spain, then the Nintendo servers would give me a Spanish file, even if my game is in English, because I'm... requesting their file from Spain. But so, for me, even when I access Wi-Fi in Spain, I should pick the English files because my save is in English, yes?
  5. I'm sorry to dig up an old thread, especially given that my question is very simple and probably stupid, but I am still unsure. I have a European DS, and I'm Spanish and live in Spain, where I also would've (theoretically) downloaded the Wi-Fi event, but my save file is in English... Do I - for Wi-Fi events - download the English or the Spanish files from the event gallery?
  6. I know you can do some ACE stuff with box titles to turn the legendary beasts shiny, but can you do the same for Celebi? And if so, is there an instruction on how to do it?
  7. Hello. A while ago I read about how ribbons affect the framedata of Pokemon. I assume this is in reference to hex code or hex data or the file's bits or something like this, I'm not particularly educated on computer/file stuff. I was wondering if transferring Pokemon throughout generations "fixes" potential mismatches there. Say, I put all the Gen 3 ribbons on a Pokemon. I would assume its pkmn.file is now not entirely correct because it didn't go through the proper way of obtaining the ribbons. If I now transfer it to Gen 4, is it fixed? Likewise, same applies to Gen 4 ribbons and transferring it to Gen 5.
  8. It is, that's why I got curious, and I assume that's also why the original poster made this thread 'cause they had the same issue. But I reckon you COULD have downloaded the wondercard on date X but then received the Pokemon in game whenever, which would tie a different seed to it regardless?
  9. Sorry for reviving this very old threat, I came across it while googling about wondercard dates. Aren't the Pokemon illegal if you don't edit the date received? What I mean is, the IVs and the nature are tied to the seed, which is generated off of the date you booted the game. So if you inject, for example, the Meloetta that OP posted about, then it cannot possibly have the IVs of a different date, no? Or could you, back then, get the wondercard (which then has the old date you received it on as part of the Pokemon FOREVER) but reboot your game and reset for one you want? Are the Pokemon's IVs and nature generated off of the receiving of the wc, or will they adjust to your boot date?
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