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PKMN-NTR: On-the-air memory editing program for Pokémon games

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Disclaimer: This was originally posted on GBATemp, but decided to also create a thread here. This program is a WIP, it's pretty stable for Gen VI and VII games. However it can fail at any time. Make a save backup of your games before using this tool. I will not take responsibility for any save corruption, loss of data or banning from Nintendo.

What is this application?

PKMN-NTR is a on-the-air memory editing program for pokémon games in the Nintendo 3DS. In other words, is a mini-PKHeX that works while the game is running. It also has some bots capable of automate tasks like Wonder Trading pokémon or Breeding.

Which games are compatible?

  • Pokémon X
  • Pokémon Y
  • Pokémon Omega Ruby
  • Pokémon Alpha Sapphire
  • Pokémon Sun
  • Pokémon Moon

All games need to be updated to the latest version and .NET Framework 4.6 is also needed. Pokémon Sun and Moon are compatible using Mode3-NTR.

What it can do?

  • Dump and edit pokémon from boxes, Day Care/Nursery, Battle Box and Party using PKHeX interface.
  • See wild opponent pokémon and your partner's pokémon during a trade.
  • Clone and delete pokémon.
  • Inject pokémon from a *.pkx file in your computer.
  • Edit Items and Trainer Data.
  • Bots for Breeding, Soft-reset and Wonder Trade.
  • Search pokémon in the 3DS' RAM with Poké Digger.
  • Build your own mini-bots with the Script Builder.

How do I use it?

  1. Read the wiki.
  2. Look for your 3DS' IP address using FBI or an FTP client.
  3. Start NTR-CFW (Use Mode-3 if you want to use a Gen 7 game in an old 3DS).
  4. If you want to use bots, enable InputRedirection.
  5. Open your game, both retail and digital version are supported.
  6. Enable the NTR debugger.
  7. Go to PSS / Festival Plaza.
  8. Connect to Internet.
  9. In your computer, start PKMN-NTR.exe.
  10. Input the IP Address of your Nintendo 3DS.
  11. Click on the Connect button
  12. Enjoy the application!

Source code and downloads:


  • fa-dx: Gathering offsets, creating the tool.
  • 44670: NTR CFW & NTRClient, this tool is based off a modified NRClient.
  • Kaphotics: For PKHeX, which is used as the core of the program.
  • jackmax: Doing a large-scale rewrite of the code to make it more robust, readable and maintainable.
  • Stary2001 and Kazo: For InputRedirection which was the base for the Remote Controls and the Bots.
  • Davi Andrade: For the application icon.


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3.0 stable version is up: https://github.com/drgoku282/PKMN-NTR/releases/tag/3.0.6272

Compared with last stable, well a lot of changes, it now uses PKHeX.Core to edit pokémon. GUI was reworked entirely, now most tools will open a new window.

Compared with beta version it just adds a warning in the trainer editor and navigation with the tab key is improved.

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Don't have my 3DS right now, so I couldn't test these changes, please report any bugs.
  • Wonder Trade Bot (Gen 6 and 7): Added basic Ribbon checking, will reject any pokemon holding a Country, World, Classic, Premier, Event, Birthday, Special. Souvenir, Special, Wishing, Battle Champion, Regional Champion, National Champion and World Champion ribbon, will also reject eggs.
  • PKHeX.Core: Updated to 20170318. Most recent commits will break compilation.
  • Bots: The bots will no longer try to clone pokémon when the read failed, should get rid of those Object reference not set to an instance of an object errors.
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New preview version is up: https://github.com/drgoku282/PKMN-NTR/releases/tag/3.4.6350

This adds support for the 1.2 update of SM and all the changes MichiS97 did recently (I think). This also adds a new feature called the Script Builder which can be used to do your own mini-bots, currently it can only send commands like the remote control and loops, but many other features will come soon(tm).

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I'm locking this thread. The OP (if they decide to come back) can DM you to reply you. Alternatively, the OP can DM me to unlock the thread.

Consider dropping an issue on their github page. Consider checking if there are any forks from their git too, testing the most active repository, then dropping the issue there if it exists there too.

Best of luck.

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