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sun Pokémon Bun (w/ No Outline, SciresM & Salty SD Patches Built-in!)

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This romhack is intended for mature audiences only, you should be 18+ or have your parents permission before playing it.
If you are easily offended by crude language, drug references, sexual innuendos and other offensive content then this is not the game for you!
I told you guys that I was working on a romhack and now you can finally try it out!
If any of you are old enough to remember playing Cokémon (one of the first Pokémon romhacks) then you'll love this.
This is still a very early build, the dialogue has only been modified up to the first rival battle and most trainers haven't been edited yet.
The Pokemon encounter tables are borrowed from Kobazco's romhack and they were originally created by Drayano.
I have also applied several .ips patches that add some excellent features and then compiled the patches for everyone to enjoy.
Hope you all enjoy it!
=== Story ===
You just moved to the Alola region with your alcoholic mom! She's always looking for the next guy to spread her legs for and Professor Kukui has taken up the challenge.
Now it's time to leave home...and abandon your mother to travel across the islands, while gathering Pokémon, seducing innocent lolis, discovering aliens and becoming a Pokémon Master!
=== Screenshots ===
=== Features ===
* All Pokemon encounters edited, find new rare Pokemon in Alola!
* Very mature script changes, the main storyline is intact
but all dialogue is being edited and there are lots of lulz.
* Outlines removed, making the game look cleaner and less childish.
* Eggs hatch almost instantly.
* All Pokemon are rename-able now.
* Message boxes instantly display text.
* Pokémarts up to after the first trial have been edited, lots of useful items
including an Oval/Shiny Charm that you can buy at the beginning of the game!
* Access your PC from anywhere! Just go into your menu and select
"Options", it takes you straight to your PC boxes!
* SaltySD patch, allows you to add in your own files/mods to the romhack
by just dragging and dropping them into a folder on your SD card.
* SciresM patch, lets you use the QR Scanner to scan a PKHex QR Code
and easily load a Pokémon in your PC boxes. Also unlimited QR scans daily.
=== To-Do List ===
* Finish editing the dialogue, there's so much text in this game!
* Finish editing Pokémart items and prices.
* Edit models, planning to chance main female
character's breasts similar to the Busty May Mod.
* Revise encounter lists, add in more interesting
"tropical" Pokemon based on location.
* Need to figure out if it's possible to apply the Pokémon Bun
logo to the title screen and opening animation.
* Edit static encounters and in-game trades,
add some unobtainable legendary Pokémon.
* Lots of other cool stuff! I have lots of ideas and
I'm open to suggestions, but don't be mad if I don't use them.
=== Download ===
Current Version v0.1
You can download the tools, patches and instructions to patch your own dump at the Project Folder link above.
Please note, I only host .xdelta patches that contain NO COPYRIGHTED DATA.
...and greetz to my friends at Nintendo. If you don't like my romhack, well too bad.
You won't be sending me a DMCA or C&D notice, I don't even live in a country that sell your products or cares about copyright infringement. :teach:
The prebuilt .cia is also uploaded if you know where to look. It uses the same TitleID as Pokémon Sun
and will overwrite it when you install. Make sure to backup your saves with JKSM!
Project Pokémon does not allow the sharing of any copyrighted files or data, DO NOT ask in this topic where
you can download the prebuilt .cia or PM me or other users asking the same. Thank you!
=== Credits ===
BelmontSlayer - I made this romhack you're playing! E:3
shinyquagsire23 - Making SaltySD and it's patches.
kwsch & SciresM - Creators of pk3DS and the QR Scanner patch.
Kobazco & Drayano - For their edits to the encounter data I've used as my base.
ProjectPokemon - Provided the tools and some info used when making this.
GBAtemp - The best handheld hacking forum on the Internet!
Edited by BelmontSlayer
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welp. totally keeping my eyes on this one. can't wait to see updates. gonna stream it as soon as it's done installing <3

*especially can't wait for the busty mod* :P

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Interesting. I'm looking forward to the final version, currently doing a Moon Randomized Nuzlocke.

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Ahaha Amazing Mod, perfect for a second fun playthrough. Also really like that you're bringing this project a step further by working on character models.

Hope you'll make a busty Lusamine aswell, 40 years old definitely needs more love xD

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