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Trying to Change Shadow Pokemon's Shadow Moves


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Hello, I am working with modding pokemon XD. I have heavily modded a few of the moves in Pokemon XD, as well as some pokemon stats... however, I cannot seem to modify shadow pokemon's shadow moves at all. For example, if I give the opponent's (greevil) shadow lugia a moveset of "Shadow Blast, Shadow Sky, Shadow End, and Shadow Storm", and try to overwrite the moves using Action Replay Codes, it would appear the effect takes place only for it's regular, purified moves; it will still execute it's original shadow moves.


These are the codes I'm using (Trainer 2, Pokemon 1)

024A9098 0000xxxx - 1st Move Modifier
024A909A 0000xxyy - 1st Move PP Modifier
024A909C 0000xxxx - 2nd Move Modifier
024A909E 0000xxyy - 2nd Move PP Modifier
024A90A0 0000xxxx - 3rd Move Modifier
024A90A2 0000xxyy - 3rd Move PP Modifier
024A90A4 0000xxxx - 4th Move Modifier
024A90A6 0000xxyy - 4th Move PP Modifier


This appears to point to the regular address of moves. However, what I need is the address for shadow moves. I looked everywhere via google, and couldn't find anything (but that's probably because it's been made, but made private, not public, via a private forum, hosting file, or network)

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