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"Local Wireless" - Still using internet to get event?


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Speaking with @theSLAYER, we are thinking that local wireless still means the pokemon are downloaded the via the internet.  The difference is that your internet connection goes through a hubspot.  Unfortunately the server URLs are not standard, making it "local."

Since there are no events near me (west coast USA), I am hoping our community in Japan can help us to determine this.

What is the benefit? If we can identify the server-urls then we can receive the event pokemon without actually being there (hopefully?). At the least we could make it easier to get the event pokemon for the people who are there.

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@Nba_Yoh this is what I was talking about in the PM.

While I can't say for certain for the various local events in Korea, since the location where the event is held isn't always the same.

This way, not using distribution carts meaning it can't be stolen,
and the staff will likely just have to set up the dongle/router to connect to the correct server and authorization.

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