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Looking for someone that has a friend list that allows him to catch all available pokemon in friend safari


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What the title says, does anyone here have such a friend list?

With homebrew the friendlist can be dumped and restored to any console, so having a friendlist file with all the safaris available would be great, specially whenever the PSS is shut down. I've researched how to unlock the 3rd slot in the savefile, so that isn't a problem, the only problem is getting a friendlist that allows to catch all possible pokemon.

I can do one myself, but asking to 71 specific people to get the friend codes needed registered might prove difficult and time consuming, so I wondered if someone already did.

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I should be able to make it by myself, even without involving other people, but it will be a tiresome task as I'll modify nintendo's SDK tool to add different friend codes (the safari is tied to the friend code AND name apparently, maybe more data). I just need to sit down and start testing and writing up code-safari pairins, then repeat with more random codes until I have the 71(?) needed combinations. I just don't have the time right now for this.

After that I'll get a patch done for the sdk tool (as it is technically illegal to own that sofware). A friend file from an emunand would also be an (uploadable?) option.

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