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Illegal mode Gen 3 Invalid move handling

Delta Blast Burn

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If a pokemon has a move upto index 373 it should simply notify the player thats viewing the pokemon's move page in its summary, or selecting the move in battle, (in a game thats not :XD: gale of darkness) will most likely cause the game to crash. I'm not saying out-of-bounds moves should be selectable from the combobox, just that they not be deleted automatically. If a player has the knowledge to add such moves to their pokemon manually they shouldn't be penalized for opening the pokemon in an editor. My reason being it's completely possible to trade said pokemonto :XD: as well as migrate to dpp via palpark without problems. For example i migrated my machoke that i taught "shadow rush" {via the emerald exclusive "any tm/hm teaches x move" AR Code), to diamond and it showed up as gravity (the move with index 356 in dpp) after I caught it in palpark. I was also able to trade a mewtwo that I taught "Shadow Rave" (index 361) to :XD: with no problems.

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