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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Sky Rockers !

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Sky Rockers !

Yup, it's finally here - The Very First Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Hack !

ROM Base : Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Sky ( US )

Progress - v1.1

Story :

The story begins with a cut-scene where the player is to have been unconscious on a beach due to a time-traveling accident, causing him/her to become a Pokémon. Meanwhile, the partner is nervous about joining the Wigglytuff's Guild, a local exploration club, and gives up early. Walking along the beach, the partner encounters the player, and informs that the player has been turned into a Pokémon. The Relic Fragment the partner holds is then stolen by Zubat and Koffing, members of Team Skull, which the player helps recover. After a brief exchange, the partner explains their motivation for joining the guild. The player's partner loves legend and lore and their life dream is to find the secret of their personal treasure—a Relic Fragment with a strange pattern on it. The partner, reinvigorated by the player's courage, joins the Guild as a new team with the player.

Over the next few days, the team gets accustomed to life at the Guild and the nearby Treasure Town. Among the folks they meet are Wigglytuff, the kindhearted Guild Leader, Chatot, the hot-tempered yet well-meaning second-in-command, Bidoof, the newest recruit prior to the team joining, the Guild chef Chimecho (also in charge of maintaining the team), Diglett and Loudred, the Guild sentries, Dugtrio, maintainers of the job boards, Magnezone, the local sheriff, and other exploration teams. As they are introduced to the Guild, they learn of the fact that rogue Pokémon have been wreaking havoc in the world due to the disruption of time, Pokémon cannot evolve, and new "Mystery Dungeons" have been revealed and open to exploration.

The player discovers not too long after that he/she has the ability to spontaneously see things in the past and future, but only when touching an object of some kind. This is known as the Dimensional Scream, as revealed later by Dusknoir.

Features :

1) Pokemon has different IQ Groups

2) All kinds of Pokemon are found in the Dungeons, even strong ones appear early !

3) All kinds of Items are spread around the Dungeons

4) Each of the Dungeons are completely different with different Terrain appearance !

5) Music is different

6) Every time You play it the Dungeons, Music, and other stuff is different

7) All these features stand out to be a Challenging Mystery Dungeon ! Without knowing what is Next !

( Note : Only for players who are "MUCH EXPERT" in these Games ! )

Future Thoughts :

- Different Weather Conditions

- Even Better Modification

- And other Mystery Dungeon games to hack !

Download Link - https://mega.nz/#!25kjSD4Y!avHcbZzjNGZ5kcirm_QLeUiMd5gMZZmAZ6aAre5ZduQ

Method to Patch the Game :

1) Get a copy of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Sky ( USA Version Only )

2) Download xDelta Patcher

3) Load up the PATCH by the option - "Select Path"

4) Then load up the ROM by the option - "Select ROM"

5) Click on "Apply Patch"

6) Open up the Patched ROM

7) Profit !

Acknowledgement :

- StarsMmd : He gave me the idea of Hacking a Pokemon side series Game, without him this Hack wouldn't have existed.....

- aissurteivos : It was his tools that made this possible

- psy_commando : Again his tools helped a lot !





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I've tried multiple xdelta patchers and it says "xdelta3:not a VCDIFF input XD3_INVALID_INPUT." Can you try a different xDelta version to create the patch?

I have the latest one though....Ok I'll upload the ROM then You can download it, and are you hyped for the first Digimon Hack called Digimon Sun/Moon ?

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As someone who has messed around with other tools I realized something: All the tools besides the randomizer that I've messed with have a side effect of changing the file size of the original ROM yet your file is the exact same size as the original after patching. A word of advice: When making a ROM hack try to choose quality hacks over the quantity of hacks you can make.

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