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XYORAS - Volcanion (EUR/US/AUS)


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Volcanion is going to be distributed at GameStop via serialcodes in Europe, the US and Australia in October! Dates were not announced yet.

Pokemon: Volcanion

Gender: -

Level: 70



Ability: Water Absorb



Steam Eruption
Hydro Pump

Item: Assault Vest




Dates: October 2016

Game Distribution: XY, ORAS

Distribution Type: Serialcode

Distribution Location: GameStop

Sources: http://xy11.pokemontcgxy.com/en-gb/volcanion/, http://xy11.pokemontcgxy.com/en-us/volcanion/

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Australia is going to get serialcodes at EB Games starting on October 10! https://twitter.com/EBGamesAus/status/778138038031581185

Other countries might start around the same time!

In Belgium they will be available at GameForce on October 1 and 2. http://www.nintendo.be/nl/Nieuws/2016/september/Kom-je-ook-naar-GameForce--1140972.html

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Serebii confirmed for US GameStop.

In The Games Department

Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire - Volcanion

Another European distribution for Volcanion has been confirmed. In Denmark, the code for Volcanion will be distributed at Gamestop stores from October 1st through to November 23rd 2016. Further European dates are still to come, as are the dates for the US distribution in Gamestop so be sure to keep checking back

No word on Canadian EB Games but i'm sure it'll be announced sooner or later.

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