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help Maybe pokegen crush my save file?


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Hi, everyone, I am new to this forum but with a problem.

I am using DeSmuME 0.9.11 svn5033 x64-JIT, PokeGen 3.1.9, the game is White 2.

The game is well in DeSmuME, I can play, save and reload. The save file is .dsv format, size is 513KB(it shows 513, but actually 524,410 bytes).

PokeGen can load the save file and save, but it change the size to 512KB. So when I reopen the game in DeSmuME, it doesn't have the option to continue playing the game. And when I open the edited save file by pokegen, it can't recognize the save file too! That's the ironic part.

PS: I tried the method that Import/Export Backup Memory(.sav format), it didn't work either.

So where goes wrong?

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