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Need some advice...

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Ive never been so big on competitive battles~

Never really had one, I actually barely started reading up on it when Diamond And Pearl came out.

So Im a huge noob at it. :b

Even though Ive been playing pokemon since I was like 9. xD

But yeah, to the point! Lol

Im kinda making a team, and was wondering if having Absol, Weavile and Tyranitar, and Scizor all in one team a smart idea? xD

My friend says a Fighting switch-in would totally take me down... :b

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It depends on what kind of competitive battling you'll be doing.

If you're doing shoddy or other kinds of 6 vs. 6 battling where people have all these pre-set notions of what moveset and EV spread every Pokemon should have, then that's probably a bad idea.

But it would also depend on your ability to take down a fighting type. I bet many of those teams out there won't have more than one fighting type. (but then, of course, you'd have to watch out for Focus Blast, Brick Break, etc, from other Pokemon)

But if you're doing Stadium style battling, like on Pokemon Battle Revolution, where you choose 3 from your 6 (or 4 if it's a double battle), then you could easily make a team like that work, since you wouldn't necessarily be using all of them at the same time in every battle.

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Now, I'm not big in competitive battles either, mind you... but part of the process is figuring out how your Pokémon can act as a cohesive team. If you are using Tyranitar, for instance, you might want to consider utilizing its Sand Stream ability by also including another Pokémon of the Rock, Steel, or Ground type in your team. A Skarmory could use the Sandstorm to its advantage, and take down Fighting types with a decent Flying move.

Of course, I hate using cookie-cutter builds, so I am kicking myself for suggesting Skarmory to someone. :(

By the way, Scizor takes neutral damage to Fighting, and Bug is another problem for you. I'd love to see this match against a Heracross or Infernape (both of which are favorites of mine :D).

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If you just pick 3/4/6 Pokemon together, they aren't really a team, and they'll quickly fall to a player who knows what they're doing.

Tyranitar, along with Hippowdon and Abomasnow, basically require a team to be built around them due to the weather. Only a select few types are immune to hail and sand, and only ONE POKEMON IN THE ENTIRE GAME (Mamoswine and it's pre-evolvs) is immune to BOTH. That makes it very hard for frail Pokemon like Weavile to work with Tyranitar, especially if they have to deal with Stealth Rock damage, setting up a substitute, or Life Orb recoil.

You need to pick a theme, or roles that you want to fill, and them go out and select the best Pokemon for the job.

For example, if I want a Pokemon who can soak up special hits like there's no tomorrow, Blissey is the best choice, bar none. Blissey has ONE weakness (fighting), an immunity to ghost, and a ridiculous movepool that supports teams. Softboiled means it can heal itself. Wish means it can heal team mates. It can paralyze punks with Thunder Wave, and do all kinds of other stuff.

All while soaking up special attacks like there's no tomorrow.

Now, is Blissey the only Pokemon who can take special hits? No. If you want someone who can take special hits but also punch back physically, Tyranitar and Snorlax and a few others might be better suited. They won't take as many special attacks like Blissey, but they'll probably score more KOs.

I'd highly recommend reading up on the inner game mechanics (EVs, IVs, base stats, etc...) and comprehending those before you get into competitive battling.

Since this thread will inevitably go in circles, I'm gonna close this. Good luck.

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Sounds like you should make a Dark monotype. Dark types are weak to Bug and Fighting. Both which are resisted by Poison. Poison is only weak to Ground and Psychic, Psychic being rarely used on anything that isn't a Psychic type. :D It'd work so perfectly together with a Weezing to spread around Will-o-Wisp :D. Oh and the only things that would annoy Dark types aside from Bug and Fighting would be Steels. (Weezing isn't afraid of them unless they are specially based... which is rare, or more speciffically a Heatran)

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