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PKHeX is not only a great save editor, but thanks to .Net, it is also a great class library for devs. Unfortunately, using it either requires copying the source files into one's own project (as seen in Mass Editor for all PKHeX supported files) or carrying around a binary in source control. In both cases, getting the latest updates is a manual process.

I propose that you create a MyGet feed so that devs only have to reference a package in order to use PKHeX as a class library. Using my fork, I've set up one in Sky Editor's feed, and have it referenced here, but ideally the original master branch would be used for this feed, so whenever someone updates their packages, they always have the latest code.

Here's the guide I followed to set up Sky Editor's various components with MyGet. Using this guide, whenever you push to master, a new package will automatically be built and put into the MyGet feed for developer use, and if you enable it (I haven't for Sky Editor since it's not quite ready for a release), it can automatically push to NuGet so devs don't have to configure VS with the package feed.


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I think I found a way to do it myself.

https://www.myget.org/feed/skyeditor/package/nuget/PKHeX (The first few are mine, but the latest few are from the official repo.)

I recently started using a Team City build server, which can detect changes in a repo without having to have admin access to register a web hook. Given more research, it might also be possible to set up an automatic click once deployment so people can have the latest changes. This will likely require changes to the project file, which I can do through a PR at a later date.

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