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B2W2- Poliwag Hidden Grotto


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Can someone translate me these phrases please?



As read in Google Translate there was a mistake/error about the Poliwag Hidden Grotto that can maybe explain why I never found it (can it be obtain by force-load hacking anyway?)

Thanks in advance

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It says something akin to, during the period of 17th August (Saturday) till 6th September (Friday) which held the 3rd Fes Mission,

They originally said that Poliwag would appear in the Hidden Grotto, and would like to correct themselves saying it won't be appearing,

and offers the most sincere apologies for the wrong announcement details, and sorry for any inconveniences.


Swift Swim Poliwag can be found here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pleasant_Forest_%28Dream_World_area%29


Poliwag with its hidden ability can be encountered in XY's horde encounter at Pokemon Village.

Poliwhirl with it's hidden ability can be encountered in XY's friend safari.

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