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Problem with Pokémon Sav Editor


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Hello, I am new in this forum and I hope this thread goes here.

So, I know this is pretty outdated but I have trouble trying to change my OT Game in my DP sav game file using Pokésav. When I write ÓRIOL it automatically changes to ?RIOL what is pretty annoying. I could change that to ORIOL but the other name has emotional stuff attached to it so I would not like to change it.

I tried it with Pokégen but Pokégen just cannot change the OT Name or number. Just the Pokémon can be edited and for that I already have Pokésav.

I heard there is a USA version that lets the Pokésav read the stresses but I cannot find it by any way. So my question is if it is possible to change the OT in the game with stress by using any kind of Pokésav or if it is possible with Pokégen.

Thank You!

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Be sure you are using the correct Ó; if you click on the OT text field you can scan through the list of valid ingame characters.

Thanks for the answer! Unfortunately I meant to change my own ID not my Pokémon's. In Pokésav changing your own ID is possible, however, you can't get to write Stressed vowels like Ó, Á, É Í or Ú. Any way to do it?

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