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  1. Thanks for the answer! Unfortunately I meant to change my own ID not my Pokémon's. In Pokésav changing your own ID is possible, however, you can't get to write Stressed vowels like Ó, Á, É Í or Ú. Any way to do it?
  2. Hello, I am new in this forum and I hope this thread goes here. So, I know this is pretty outdated but I have trouble trying to change my OT Game in my DP sav game file using Pokésav. When I write ÓRIOL it automatically changes to ?RIOL what is pretty annoying. I could change that to ORIOL but the other name has emotional stuff attached to it so I would not like to change it. I tried it with Pokégen but Pokégen just cannot change the OT Name or number. Just the Pokémon can be edited and for that I already have Pokésav. I heard there is a USA version that lets the Pokésav read the stresses
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