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Narwhal and Illithian's Sig Thread


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hi guys i would like a sig featuring primal dialga with a glowing golden background

that says TWILI TIME RULER: PRIMAL DIALGA thanks in advance



Not sure if this is exactly how you wanted it, if you want any changes tell me.


Hey can u make a sig with a charizard in the left, Oh and have it say Kris, put a salamence on the right, also put in a darkria and well thx plzz make i for me!!!!

I'll see if I can get onto yours, if I can't get it done by today, I will by tomorrow.

EDIT: Here:


Hope you like it, tell me if you want any changes.


<a href="http://s954.photobucket.com/albums/ae25/ToffeuyEXTRA/?action=view&current=KrisSignature.png" target="_blank"><img src="http://i954.photobucket.com/albums/ae25/ToffeuyEXTRA/KrisSignature.png" border="0" alt="pokemon,projectpokemon"></a>

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@Mewtwo Ex:



Man why does everyone ask for it to look sinister I can do the opposite... Sorry, couldn't really make it look very sinister. All I was able to do was add some glows and find a Bat Silhouette then Inner Glow it with Green.

If you would like any other changes, tell me.

Oh yeah... I saw your request in Greencat's Thread too, but he wasn't bothered rendering it, I rendered it yesterday and if you want it here you go:


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Oooh! Thanks!

Those look awesome! One thing I'd suggest is don't make them too flashy/bright because that can distract from the focus. For example, the Weavile sig looks awesome but there's no focus point because the background stands out so much.


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Hey, can u guys make me a sig with shiny lucario (if possible) charging up aura sphere, with my name (without the numbers) on it and my FC 0001 9736 6417 below it. Also it has background with the same effects like this


Also I want it to be awesome, coz it will be my first sig

Hope It wouldn't be a bother to you guys

tnx in advance :biggrin:

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Tell me if you still want any changes.



Tell me if you want any changes... it looks a bit plain... I know, maybe you should ask another artist to do it... maybe they'll know how to improve it.

Use this format to put it into your signature:


@Other Artists:

I don't think I did a too-good-job up there for exile. It's a bit too plain I think someone could do better, so if you would like to do exile's request again to make it look better, feel free to do so. If you want to achieve the same aura sphere effect like I did in the sig, follow this guide. But maybe use some of your own ideas using the guide, so that it works better, for example, I actually skipped Step 1.


Here are some other sigs I made:

Yeah... I know, i'm pretty much bored, i'll be willing to gift these to anyone along with the ones I posted before as long as someone hasn't already taken them. Tell me if you want one of them and i'll put your name there.





^^ Sorry, can't give away Delcatty one because I forgot to save Delcatty as a PSD, so now I can't edit it and put a name there properly, unless you would like the Delcatty Sig, as it is; without your name on it.

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Thanks Narwhal!

i can always count on you to do a good job quickly!

but could you let me know where you got that mewtwo in your sig (the moving spirte)?

You can find moving sprites from serebii, even though you can't right click.

ex. http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/icon/157.gif for Typhlosion. replace the number before the .gif with the number of the pokemon you want. Then you can save it and reupload it.

Toffeuy, good job making use of cool effects. I like your delcatty one a lot. =)

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Haha, yup, I saw that Naru-Chu linked us the Gamexe Tutorials to find the Userbar Guide, I was wondering what other cool tutorials there are and I found it there. But since you use GIMP, you might need to have a few variations.

For the Abstract Signature Guide, I followed only around the first half or so, I did a few different filters and strengths so that it could look a little different, but the outcome still came out pretty much the same but as you can see, there are some noticeable differences.

@Narwhal: I'll get it done now ;)

EDIT: Here:


I cut the link of the original one since it has now been occupied by Narwhal.

EDIT 2: What's with the new banner? It looks worse than the old one and the words are squished into one corner...

Edited by Toffeuy
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