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Mystery Dungeon Hacking (Explorers of Sky)

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Alright, so i recently signed up for an account here just for this question, I know its riveting. But I've been looking around on both his site and other sites and frankly I haven't been able to find any Dungeon editing tools, as in like being able to add in Dungeons, or fully remove some already existing ones. If any tools exist for this then please tell me. Cuz m9 i gutta hack dis game bud

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The majority of what we can edit is mainly research, although there are a few tools that let you change some relatively small things.

Sky Editor, my tool, lets you change the starter Pokemon, the Pokemon portraits, and some of the backgrounds. I'm currently working on a script editor, but that may take a while:


@psy_commando has a bunch of tools to edit various formats, and Sky Editor even uses a few of them. The majority of them don't have a UI, since he's focusing more on research.


Nerketur has a script editor, but actually editing the scripts isn't user-friendly yet. He recently started working on it again, so maybe that will change.


@psy_commando has a randomizer, but due to the nature of randomizing, won't let you have much control over what it does (sure, you can enable/disable certain randomizations, but they're still randomizations).


Here's a rough overview of what we currently have the research to do, but there may not be tools to edit:

  • Starter Pokemon (Sky Editor)
  • Spinda's Cafe Rewards (Sky Editor has dummied-out support for it, if you're interested, I can be sure to add it back for the next release)
  • Pokemon Data
  • Item Data
  • General Game Strings
  • Scripts and their Strings
  • Background Music (psy_commando has a mostly-functional tool to convert them to a playable format, no editing yet)
  • Some background images (the ones ending in *.bgp) (Sky Editor, psy_commando's GfxUtil)
  • Pokemon Portraits (Sky Editor uses psy_commando's tools for this)
  • Dungeons (mdrngzer's randomizer provides the necessary research, see here for details on what can be changed)

If there's any of the above in particular you want to edit (besides background music, that's still being researched), let me know, and I can try to work on a UI for it in Sky Editor's next release (which may be a few months away to be honest).

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Thanks! (and you're one of main reasons, other than the reasons mentioned that i signed up for an account here)

and recommend things for the UI for Sky Editor?

abel to edit events and such easily, edit Dungeons or remove them altogether, messing around with the starting area, modding the map or something

i have a list of this somewhere, but I'm not gonna bother putting it here

but thank you for showing me these things c:

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