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Is there a save editor for Japanese Red/Blue/Green/Yellow?


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I've tried PikaSav and Metropolis Editor and it seems neither of these are compatible with the Japanese versions of the Gen I games. It would be very excellent if someone could develop a save editor compatible with the Japanese versions of the game, as it seems the Japanese versions of the game on virtual console are the only "legitimate" way of obtaining a Mew. Mew was distributed to VC Gen 1 games on the 3DS, but only on the Japanese versions. Since we don't have a Japanese editor, there doesn't seem to be a way yet to edit a Japanese save (which you would extract from a 3DS using SaveDataFiler) and inject the event Mew distribution.

Japanese pokemon from Gen 1 games are also incompatible with Non-Japanese/European/English USA pokemon, as trading a Japanese pokemon to a US game would cause the game to crash. So it would be nice to have a SAV editor exclusive for the Japanese versions of the game (Japanese "Aka", "Midori", "Ao", and "Pikachu").

If there's someone out there who can develop one, please let us know! If anyone knows of an already-existing save editor, even better! This seems like Western civilization's only hope for obtaining access to a Gen 1 legit Mew :'(

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Short answer: we have the save with the legit mew, since all those mews are exactly the same one, just use an emulator/another 3ds to transfer it to another savegame (tgbdual/vbalink on pc, my oldboy on android). If you only care about getting mew in your japanesse save, this is the way to go. In fact, it is how the official distribution is done (a 3DS with a save full of mews that get traded).

Long answer:

The current japanesse mew is well stored and analyzed, I uploaded a file wich contains the mew in ".jpk1" format, which is the same format pikasav uses, but has the correct filesizes for OT and nickname. I also included a "internationalized" version of the mew, meaning it can be used on international games and could theorically be converted back to japanesse. Of course OT and nickname won't correctly appear in the international games due to it conserving the bytes for the japanesse charset.

The save format itself is not that different from the international versions, but the different OT/Nickname lengths and box distribution messes them up.

I guess the chances that a gen1/2 editor for japanesse games exist is very high, but it is in japanesse only webpages or forums. I tried looking for one with googletranslate with no luck. A native japanesse speaker could do a better search.

SciresM was coding a gen 1 save editor, if he ever finishes it and releases the source, adapting it for the japanesse games might not be very difficult.

On the other hand, I guess I could code a party editor for japanesse games that can inject/extract jpk1 files, but since the only interesting event that will ever be is this mew, I see no point and right now I'm busy with gen 3 events.

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