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XYORAS - Christmas Present Shiny Jirachi (HK/TW)


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A shiny Jirachi is going to be distributed by Nintendo HK and Nintendo TW.

The first 1000 codes will be available at an event in Hong Kong on December 12.

After that more will be available via Facebook.


Pokemon: Jirachi

Gender: None

Level: 25

OT: Nintendo HK

ID: 12015

Ability: Serene Grace

Nature: Random





Happy Hour

Item: Star Piece

Pokeball: Cherish Ball

Ribbon: Classic Ribbon

Location: a lovely place

Dates: December 12 2015 - January 31 2016

Game Distribution: XY/ORAS

Distribution Type: Serialcodes

Distribution Location: Hong Kong/Taiwan

Sources: Nintendo.tw, Nintendo.hk

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