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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon GTI Save Editing?


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Sorta want to be able to use Kecleon as the leader in gates to infinity. Powersaves was able to make Victini the leader and he was useable in dungeons, so why not Kecleon?

How do we edit our saves with savedatafiler to change the species of the pokemon? I was able to change the level of the pokemon, but no stat changes.

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The checksum is currently not fully understood. Currently, I can patch the checksum for small edits like held money, but bigger edits need a full recalculation. In addition, the save size varies. In order to find something in the save file, one must first read the previous data. A while ago I did research on held items, so in the future, those may be editable, but then we come back to the checksum problem.

It seems GTI and Super MD use the same game engine (and they probably have similar save structures), so maybe more people will be motivated to help research in the future.

[Edit] Oh, and I suspect Datel used RAM hacks to change the Pokemon. After all, the checksum is tricky, and they have no codes, only edited saves.

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On 4/5/2018 at 5:25 AM, Rosieplier said:

Is this still continued? I really want to edit Gates To Infinity, but I can't find any editors.

Sky Editor has an experimental feature that lets you edit only held money. To use it, use File -> Open -> Open (Let me Choose File Type), open the game_data file, and choose "Gates to Infinity game_data File (Experimental)" as the file format. Be sure to make a backup before saving or restoring the file. And please let me know if it works or if it doesn't, since it's been tested very little.

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