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Injecting Hacked ROMs into NDS Cartridges


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Since Google's not being so helpful, I'll ask here

I thought I heard somewhere that you could take patched/edited ROMs and inject them back into an NDS cartridge. If this is indeed possible, I have some lingering questions:

How is it done?

Can it be deemed 'safe' for the cartridge?

Are there 'blank' cartridges available for purchase or do I need to use one with another game on it and replace the aforementioned game?

Will it screw up the actual console in any way?

And is it safe for playing on a 3DS (XL)?

P.S.: I'm not sure if this is in the right section. If not, would someone be kind enough to move it?

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Just expanding for completion's sake:

There are flashcarts such as the R4i that cost less than 20$ that can have an edited game injected onto them. They also can run other homebrew applications.

The flashcarts are generally considered safe to use and do not affect the system. Certain brands do work on the 3DS, especially new R4i models.

I'm going to move this thread over to the Flashcart subforum, but feel free to ask us any more questions.

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Thanks very much! My only remaining question is what ones are very reliable and function on 3DS XL devices?

EDIT: To improve that question, which is considerably "the best" with the forenamed 3DS XL or even an N3DS (which I think is XL by default)? I was looking at MT-Card and Sky3DS here, but when it comes to Nintendo handheld consoles, I'm no genius.

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Those are 3DS flashcarts which actually cannot run NDS games. I'd still recommend the R4i 3DS Gold model. Here is the NDS version of that chart: http://wiki.gbatemp.net/wiki/Flashcart_Comparison_Chart

Oh WOW I failed miserably...

Anyways thanks for the help. I'll be looking into it all and I can only hope that the flashcarts can run Perfect Platinum better than DeSmuME can...

Also, totally off topic, I believe I'm correct in saying that you can get hacked ROMs or at least games onto GBA cartridges like Shiny Gold?

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