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Gen4 Pal Park -- emulator players can't transfer!


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I'm playing the Platinum game through an emulator program (DeSmuME 0.98) because I don't own any handheld devices. Although the program generally performs well, it's frustrating to know that I'll never be able to use or enter Pal Park in-game; simulating a transfer from Gen3 is impossible because no emulator can simulate a GBA and an NDS running at the same time. :-(

If I could buy (or even borrow) two real handhelds, I would transfer my Gen3 Pokémon that way. Since I can't, though... is there an editor which could simulate the Pal Park transfer and have Platinum acknowledge the results? If software like that exists for Windows, I'd be happy to give it a shot.

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12 hours ago, Zangetsu said:

using an emulator on my phone

transfer the save data to a computer,
use Desmume to PAL PARK it up.

PKHeX is capable of importing Pokemon from a lower gen to a higher gen, simulating the transfer process.

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