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Just putting it out there, I like using teams that are different. I'm also wondering who, if I should, to give Stealth Rock to.

Weavile-Focus Sash


EVs: 4HP/252Atk/252Spe

-Fake Out



-Ice Punch

Your basic anti-lead, especially for suicide leads. Fake Out nulls enemie's Focus Sashes, Taunt prevents Stealth Rock/Toxic/that bad stuff, and Ice punch is for Aerodactyl/dragons and counter is mostly for late game/Blissey

Scizor-Life Orb


EVs: 176HP/100Atk/56Spe/176SpDef



-Quick Attack


Another basic build. Quick attack makes up for Scizor's bad speed, Roost is there because it's good, and Pursuit is another attack, but also works with U-Turn for anticipating an attack.



EVs: 226HP/61Atk/223Def





I'm probably most proud of this guy, mostly because he's unusual and can take a hit. Screw special attacks, Curse+Avalanche works for me and Equake and Waterfall help.

Gallade-Expert Belt


EVs: 56HP/252Atk/200Spe

-Shadow Sneak

-Bulk Up

-Brick Break

-Psycho Cut

Since apparently a faster enemy can trash a Gallade, I put some speed into his build and gave him two STAB moves, Bulk Up (duh), and a surprise ghost attack.



EVs: 252HP/252Def/6SDef

-Sludge Bomb

-Leech Seed

-Sleep Powder

-Razor Leaf

Meant to take hits and be annoying, Leech Seed is annoying as well as Sleep Powder. Sludge Bomb isn't the best, but I don't want two grass STAB attacks



EVs: 8HP/250Atk/252Spe

-Hidden Power (Ground)




I could've had an Energy Ball Ninetales, but I like Arcanine's better stats more. It's a fairly basic Arcanine build.

Any help to get me out of my nubiness is appreciated.

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Firstly, venusaur isn't a good pokemon for OU. Far too many weaknesses in common attacks. Also, sludge bomb is horrible. In UU, its great, but in OU, theres all of two grass types, both of which are dual typed to resist; tons of steels, etc. Run a hidden power. HP Ice usually works good, although that leaves you very open to steels.

Also 200 speed evs on gallade is pointless. I would run 252; however, if you must, run 228 to outspeed +speed heatran.

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Your scizor doesn't have bullet punch, its only real way of dealing with common threats. :F Try this double priority set than.

Scizor @ Life orb

200 hp/252 attack/56 speed

Adamant nature with Technician

Bullet punch

Quick attack

Swords dance


+1 Quick attack lets you 2HKO offensive gyarados with SR up. ( SD on the switch = +2, gyarados's intimidate = -1, +2 -1 = +1 attack )

However a scizor without superpower means that Steel types wall you to death ( OU anyone? ) so take caution with that. My favorite scizor set happens to be

Scizor @ Life orb

Adamant with Technician

200 hp/252 attack/ 56 speed

Bullet Punch



Swords dance

+2 super power 2HKO's skarmory even after the attack drop. ( SD up on a switch to skarmory, Superpower + Superpower kills it )

Without SR you have a pretty large Gyarados and Salamence weakness,Spikes, stealth rock, weakness to not only SkarmBliss but also Celetran et cetera. but I'm sure someone here can tell you about that much better than I can as I'm sorry but I don't have the time to give you a full rate.

Just please take note that Venasuar/Arcanina/Weavile and gallade are all outclassed by other pokemon in OU.

You also don't have a single ground immunity or spikes immunity. This will hamper your teams effectiveness in OU as SR +Spikes is common. It will quickly wear your team down and with only immunities to psychic and electric on your team, even resisted hits will take their toll.

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