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Ok, call me a totally retarded, because this question kinda is.

I was wondering if the Pokesav for Plat has EVER updated (-specifically the Japanese). On http://pokesav.umimi.com/ the last date on the Plat version is 2008/10/23. I'll take a guess that this site is the "main" site. In the back of my hmind I ponder (aka OCD obsess) if the guy has submitted a new version, etc. (Maybe even on 2ch?)

0.06 works pretty damn well - except for the Event flags, and they're running a lot of people (including me) up a wall.

In the end, if it's no, I'll fucking live with it. Just... I wonder... I couldn't find it on Google Japan, so I figured I'd run it by you guys :P

*braces for impact*

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