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Pokemon Platinum HEX Codes


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Hello everyone.

Does anybody know the hex codes for the itens of pokemon platinum?

I have the hex code for pokemon diamond but some itens are change and i can't find the gracidea or the platinum orb.

If it is possivel i would like to know if the pokemon hex code and the attacks hex codes for pokemon platinum are the same of pokemon diamond.



Sorry but does anyone also know how to change the pokemon form (ex: shaymin land form to sy form) on the pokemon hex code?


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FYI, this information is all in our wiki.

List of items by index number (in hex format).

Pokémon alternate formes.

Also, the "hex codes" for ANYTHING like Pokémon, items, moves, abilities, etc. in Diamond and Pearl are the same as in Platinum. New stuff was added, but old stuff remained the same, at the very least for compatibility reasons.

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