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Where do i find my sercet id?


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Hey planetpatrick! If you're asking about how to find the Secret ID for PokeGen, go to the right-most tab labeled "OT/Misc" and you'll see two text boxes next to "ID:" the second box is for secret ID.

If you're asking about how to find the secret ID of your actual trainer in the Pokemon Black game, my way might be a bit complicated. The way I find my secret id in pokemon black is to 1) catch a pokemon you don't need in-game 2) trade your pokemon to a ROM (if you're not already using a ROM). This can be done with an R4 DS flash card. 3) open up PokeGen and view your save file 4) look at the pokemon you caught in-game and there should be an "OT" (Original Trainer) tab/section where the program displays both your Trainer ID and your Secret ID. As long as you caught it in the game with the trainer whose secret ID you want to find, it should be the same secret ID.

If you don't have a flash card, I believe there are Action Replay codes that help you find your Secret ID, but since you posted under PokeGen I just assumed you have access to PokeGen. A quick google search will get you the AR codes you'll need if that's what you're looking for.

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