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  1. so for you who use pokegen, have you heard an updates about pokegen for gen 6 pokemon?
  2. does anyone know how to find your secret id in pokemon black?
  3. this is in reply to; http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?6424-Download-link-and-information is their gonna be a pokegen for gen6 pokemon?
  4. so if you transfer the pokemon to x will it have the pentagon?
  5. you sure? http://www.marriland.com/forums/pokemon-6th-generation/pokemon-x-y/488867-help-with-poke-gen-sav-dit
  6. so i wanna pokegn a amoogus , but when i transfer it to pokemon x its not kalos bor, is ther a way to pokegen it so it'll be ''kalos born''?
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