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PMD Explorers of Time/Darkness: Challenge Mode


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A friend of mine and I discussed what I could do with save editing for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky, and thought how hard it would be to play as a Caterpie with a Rattata partner. After thinking about it, my friend decided to actually play the save. I'm amazed he got this far without ever being defeated (reviver seeds don't count as defeat). His biggest challenge is that Rattata's ability is Runaway, where he runs away when his health is low. Oran berries for the win.

Huge image as proof. Spoiler alert.

I say again, he has not been defeated yet, although he has used reviver seeds. There has been no cheating, and the only editing was to edit Pokémon. krtNmeB.jpg

I've attached the save file if anyone wants to give it a go. It is for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time or Darkness. The only touch it may need is to change the player name with Sky Editor (or Sky JEditor) unless you want to be called "Player". Change it in the Stored and Active Pokémon sections.

PMD TD ChallengeMode (Play as Caterpie).sav

PMD TD ChallengeMode (Play as Caterpie).sav

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Hehe. That's nice, but stats don't matter much in PMD2. That's pretty much what's so great about it! xD

I literally crushed everything in the game playing as a poochyena, with my partner being eevee, which also has run away as ability. Though, arguably a lot of enemies are ghost types or psychic types, which made things maybe a little easier. There's this particularly thick ghost type that really got the beating of his life, thanks to a violent seed, and repeated crunching :P I didn't know he had THAT much HPs xD

Also the Quick Feet ability is so damn good in this game ! Fall asleep ? no problems, quick feet makes you wake up earlier! You get confused ? You get to have more attack turns before the enemy to have more chances of hitting them ! And so on xD

Plus each quick feet boost stacks up until each boost expires ! (And run away makes you impossible to keep you from moving around with things like Mean Look !)

But the big lesson to get from that game is that, gummies + IQ skills are your friends ! :)

I think that what would make it really hard is playing through the game with Unown and Smeargle xD Or even magikarp.

Simply because they have horrible movesets. Smeargle can get any move using sketch, but early on, you'll want to have something to attack others with besides the A button attack.. So you'll end up wasting Sketches on a few meh moves along the way for sure. And Unown only ever learn hidden power! Magikarp only learns tackle and splash!

There might even be some worse pokes than that however xD

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