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colosseum Can someone help fix my PID for this colosseum pokemon I made with pokegen?

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yes, I understand both of these things, I would still like to be able to fix the PID issue though, do you know of anyway i can do this? Also I'm not fooling anyone with this everyone I gen for and ever will gen for knows for a fact that they are genned 100% of the time.

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From what I understand/recall:

The Colosseum/XD PID stuff was a lot more complicated than the other games, and it took a lot of work to figure out. The people that DID figure it out incorporated it into various hack detecting programs, but never shared the information publicly.

I don't know what site you are going to where people think they understand that (or why on earth there is a need for "expert genners" when as Kaphotics said, it's perfectly fine the way it is for non-despicable uses), but the way I remember it: the list people who DO understand it is very short.

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