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I don't understand this. Pokesav Platinum problem. Need help.

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There are two game ID's for platinum.

Working one = CPUE-D074D1B3

Non Working one = CPUE-3811DEF6

Unfortunately, i have the non working one. Does anyone know how to make Pokesav work for this version of Platinum? If not then is there going to be a new pokesav for this version?

BTW, i was trying to get a darkrai lv 50 in box 1 slot 1. But it didn't work so i tried replacing one of my party pokemon and it still didn't work. I also attempted to change my Trainer ID and Secret ID. Both failed attempts.

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I've seen a lot of people complaining about these ID's but I don't see the concerns. I have the same game cart as you but mine works perfectly well. Could it be that your Pokesav is generating JAP codes? Do you have the latest version of Pokesav Platinum?

Also there's way more than 2 ID's for Platinum...

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