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Help with Pokemon White 2 Version AR code.


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Hi. Im new here, i decided to make an account cause its been a week now since i tried to find an AR code for marking your Pokemon to be shiny, but keep their gender. I played Pokemon White 2 version on DesMuME. I've tried using some AR codes on other website, but it end up freezing my game, and if it work, the gender is also changed. i dont mind the nature, cause i already find a code for changing nature. If anyone read this please help me. Thanks in advance.

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Thank you so much for this.

Its easy to learn you just got to mess around a bit

what I do is upload my pokemon onto pokecheck and download as pkm files

open your pkmfiles on pokegen and edit the nature and other stuff from there but you need to delete PID and find a new one for shiny and other edits

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