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PokéGen - Met Tab (Location options for SS)


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Hello everybody,

I was wondering if somebody could possibly help me?

After searching through the forums unable to find an answer my question; I thought it best I create this thread to share the response with anybody else who this be of interest to.

Under the 'Met' tab in PokéGen and the Location option. There is 'Link Trade' and 'Link Trade (2)'.

First of all I was wondering if somebody could tell me what the difference is between them?

Secondly I was wondering if one of these options was set as it's location would it grow exp. faster than normal caught Pokémon as a normally traded PKM would?

Thanks all

L x

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1. I don't know. Did you change Options -> Target Game to Soul Silver? That will make it load only the Soul Silver locations, and maybe there won't be two.

2. No, a Pokémon is identified as traded if the Trainer ID/SID/Name are not yours.

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From what I understand, the (2) in parentheses indicates a flag telling the game the Pokemon was hatched while being in someone elses game through the entralink. Better safe than sorry so just go with the 'normal' met location and you shouldn't run into trouble.

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