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RAM Dump Viewer

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Hello all!

I've created tool to view the RAM dump of BW games.

The requirements and instructions are included in the Readme.

Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6uuen6y7j3y246n/RAMDump_Viewer.zip

Please let me know if you encounter any errors or want me to add any features.



Edit: Readme says only Black, but it works with both Black and White

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Here is some of the data I have found(all Black offsets):

Party PKM 1(0x2349B4-0x234A8F)
Party PKM 2(0x234A90-0x234B6B)
Party PKM 3(0x234B6C-0x234C47)
Party PKM 4(0x234C48-0x234D23)
Party PKM 5(0x234D24-0x234DFF)
Party PKM 6(0x234E00-0x234EDB)
Wild Pokemon Data(or last fought)(0x259DD8-0x259EB3)
Box 1(starts at 0x21BFAC)
Box X(0x21BFAC + ((Box# - 1) * 0x1000))
Egg Data (0x34254C-0x342627)

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I wonder if someone can explain me what 'RAM' is? I've been searching on Google but got no result at all...

It's the Random Access Memory where things about your game are stored. Everything from graphics to HP and other stats to the map. Action Replay codes change values in the RAM to get desired behavior (like always changing the value of lives to 99 for infinite lives).

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Hello all!

Since the B2W2 RAM layout vastly differs from the original Black and White game, I plan on making a seperate version for B2W2. I will need some volunteers to help me out.

If you want to help out, follow these steps:

(Note: use Desmume with an ENGLISH version of B2 or W2)

* Run into a pokemon in tall grass(doesn't matter if you run away or kill it)

* Save the game

* Go to File -> Export Backup Memory

* Save the file as {your name here}_DATA.sav

* Next, go to Tools -> View Memory

* In the right hand corner, click "Dump All"

* Save the file as {your name here}_DUMP.bin

* Upload the two files to this thread

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