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Pokemon Breeding Calculator


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There are programs that might help you to ease the breeding process without using your game-save, but it depends on your approach, for example:

  • There are programs that help you understand the breeding-chains required to get certain moves
  • There are programs/methods that give you an idea of what IVs your Pokémon has and will pass to their children
  • And there are means to manipulate the game so you can get shiny Pokémon, better chances of nice IVs and so on

What do you need?

If you are not using external devices, and do not have access to your "in-game information", I recommend you to read "the basics of breeding" and "breeding on gen 6".

Now, in my personal experience, the easiest way to breed Pokémon with good IVs is to have parents with amazing IVs, and employ breeding items to pass the IVs to their children (you can learn about them in the links I provided above). In gen V, the easiest way to get such parents could be a private GTS.

And finally, if you are on gen 6 you may want to *try* this method.

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