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Need Help building a team around Mega Charizard Y


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I need some help deciding on a good competitive team built around Mega Charizard Y with max IVs in Sp Atk and Speed. I was thinking about having Breloom, Azumarill, Tyranitar, Scizor, Ferrothorn and obviously my Charizard. Thoughts, Suggestions, and Movesets are appreciated.

Cheers :)

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If its geard around charizard then you're definitely going to need a spinner. A good team mate in that regard is Hitmontop who'll happily take Rock typed attacks aimed at Charizard. Cloyster is another particularly good team mate who can take water typed attacks for charizard. Last but not least by any stretch is Starmie who does particularly well at taking on bulky waters and things like gyarados that could threaten charizard, in return charizard will eliminate bulky grassers.

Scizor is a goo team mate as its slow U-turn allows for charizard to switch in for free, anything that baits Earthquake will also allow charizard a free switch in, too. Be aware that EQ is commonly paired with stone edge, so tread with caution.

Please remember its your job to come to us with a team or a specific set(s) for us to critique or help with. We're not here to build your team for you.

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Tbird's post made good sense to me! This competitive Pokemon stuff is rather interesting....(though....i feel kinda bad about the whole 'choosing team mates solely on nature' thing xD; since i'm, like, so empathic.....but still! Pokemon battle stratagies are just fun to read about. At least on Pokemon Showdown I can just make a perfect team from scratch if I want too :P Reading these threads may help me get ideas...it's fun to learn....)

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