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  1. Need a Charizardite Y, I will trade one for my Charizardite X. PM me if you are interested
  2. Im looking for a froakie like that, and im currently breeding eevees with almost flawless IVs, if you are still interested in the trade, PM me Cheers
  3. I need some help deciding on a good competitive team built around Mega Charizard Y with max IVs in Sp Atk and Speed. I was thinking about having Breloom, Azumarill, Tyranitar, Scizor, Ferrothorn and obviously my Charizard. Thoughts, Suggestions, and Movesets are appreciated. Cheers
  4. I have a whole bunch of Jolly Gibles and Larvitars with 4-5 perfect IVs that I am willing to trade off to someone. Anybody have any bred pokemon with good IVs? Message me or reply and ill send my FC! Thanks
  5. @Ghosts21 I have a charizardite x and i want a charizardite x! I added you already, here is my friend code. 3969 - 5155 - 4351
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