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Pokemon Black 2 help: Changing starters in hex?


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EDIT: My new problem is that I can't correctly calculate the hex ID's for the Pokemon Charmander, Totadile, and Treeko. Whenever I try in a decimal to hexdecimal calculator, the Pokemon usually ends up being Bulbasaur, Shaymin, or Combusken, so can anyone give me the numbers for Charmander, Totadile, and Treeko?


PS-I know this is a VERY noobish question, sorry...-

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givepkm, species, level

all you have to do is change the species; convert their dex number to hex and you just replace them.

                case 0x10C:
                   com.Name = "GivePokèmon";
                   com.parameters.Add(reader.ReadUInt16()); //Id Pokèmon
                   com.parameters.Add(reader.ReadUInt16()); //Item
                   com.parameters.Add(reader.ReadUInt16()); //Level

just search the script file that's used in aspertia and it's quite obvious which one it is.

The script narc is a/0/5/6. Andibad showed how to edit it in hex in BW1, but I'm sure it will work for BW2 as well:


Please bear in mind that he changed the values of snivy to EC 01 (shaymin). You could try to search for values like

"f2 01" in the narc. (Where f2 01 = 498 = Tepig)

Not sure if it works, but I hope I helped!

narc : a/0/5/6, file : 854, script : 7

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I already changed the sprites of Tepig to Charmander, Snivy to Treeko, and Oshawott to Totadile, so those aren't misleading. And I truly can choose a LV.5 Shaymin, but it's only move is growth.

But whenever I try converting the Pokemon's dex numbers to hex, I never end up with the Pokemon I'm looking for. So my new and final question (A very noobish one at that):

What are the hex values for Charmander, Totadile, and Treeko, I keep failing at calculating them.

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