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Hullo everyone! I'm known as Sara here but if you really want to know my real name just ask. I joined July 9th but was kinda shy about introducing myself until now. Now that I've gotten used to the forums I decided an introduction was needed. :redface:

Where am I from? Maine, USA

Gender,Age, Birthday? Female, 20 yrs. old, I'm a May baby born on the 4th, 1993.

A little about me? Well as you can tell I love Pokemon. One thing you should know about me is I only train and raise Female (♀) Pokemon. This is because people say "female Pokemon are weak" and my goal is to prove that they're just as strong as Male (♂) Pokemon if trained/raised properly! I joined Project Pokemon because you guys are always posting all the good stuff (e.g. AR Codes, Pokemon Editors, Useful programs, and of course GOOD Hacks xD) and I wanted to be a part of it as well as contribute to the best of my abilities. At my disposal have a Windows PC running 7 64-bit, an NDS Adapter Plus, and ALL the Pokemon games (all the way back to R/B/Y)! So yeah if you need something just ask. ;)

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@ Guested and evandixon: Many people say irl and on the web that female Pokemon are weak because of the truth of it in the Gen II games. But even though it's no longer true in the new Gen's (III, IV, V) of games, people still never got over thinking that...

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@ Guested: Good :)

@ evandixon: Of course not! I wouldn't do that. I already have my bred Pokemon's IV's pretty good and so it's only a matter of time before I get them. Plus RNGing is helping to get perfect parents :D

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