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Wraith the mastermind (RMT)


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Yeah, I think Tage needs a fighting resist or a ghost or something. I didn't see that fighting weakness there, ironically. Thanks for the tip Milo (we can't get everything though, now can we?) :P

I have an Agility passing Jolteon (The Fallen) in Team PP... but HP Grass doesn't cut it :/

A ghost is a good idea. Rotom is the best choice, although what form is hard. Heat maybe, although doesn't do all that much... good Lucario counter though.

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Well i really liked your Electivire sig Illithian. The new one is great too, i just love that 3D like detail you gave those wings.

Yes NP Ape is nearly unwallable but you must know that "nearly". They dont run HP Ice so a salamence can switch in while it NPs, DD it self while nothing 1hkos it and then sweep. Same with Gyara only it takes atkeast neutral damage from Grass knot so i think thats a ohko after SR damage but otherwise its in the same boat as Sally, DD up once then ohko.

Another Poke i forgot to mention was Tyranitar.....my cutey pie. Again nothing can come in on Tar while it DDs and hope to stop it.

Forrey can do it but again with no healing and at low health or worse fainted......your whole team crumbles. Bronzong will be 2hkod by Crunch, after the reflect it will be a 3hko but still with +1 boosted atk to that already monstrous attack stat, its gonna plow through Ape and P-Z unstopped. Gyro ball will stop Tar quickly and should mostly be a near 2hko on the DD versions. PLEASE SWITCH ZONGS EQ WITH FORREYS GYRO BALL. i assure you it will work better to counter Sally and Tar.

Yes the Dugtrio weakness is also bad, but i havent mentioned it due to the scarcity of its usage. Well it will revenge kill both Ape and P-Z leaving you with nothing to attack with.

About your non available fighting Resistance well....youll have to switch one of your pokes with a Ghost type which will obviously lower your sweeping capabilities as nothing but Mismagius really can Calm Mind and the Rotom forms get destroyed by Tar whos a Massive threat already.

Well most obviously you cant counter everything......but you must try your best to do so.

BTW Im gonna be posting a team of my own in the RMT thread. Just something for you guys to look forward to.>=)

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There are a few problems with Aero as a lead


Fast taunter

Fastest non scarf'd Stealth rocker

Sandstorm immunity


-Is 2HKO'd by all of the common leads

-Can do very little other than Taunt + set up SR

-Always loses to Fake out leads

-SR weakness + Low def means it will not be switching in to counter very much, even more so as it lacks the power to Kill things it can switch in on.

As a lead It loses to :Swampert, Bronzong, Metagross, Lead Infernape with fakeout/Priority, Gallade ( Close combat + Shadow sneak ), Scizor ) Bullet punch ), Lucario ( extreme speed ), Arcanine et cetera, the list goes on.

I don't want to TELL you which lead to use, but you should find one that fits your style but also your team.

Anyway, as is your team has a few major weakness's.









each one is bulky enough to switch in, take a hit if you decide to not switch and setup or setup as you switch out and pose an immediate threat to your team.

Gliscor covers Zapdos,Lucario WITHOUT ICE PUNCH, Scizor, heracross and Machamp WITHOUT ICE PUNCH.In order to accomplish do this feat you'll need the following set.

Gliscor @ leftovers

252 hp/ 216 Speed/ 40 Special defense


Stone edge/Rockslide


Swords dance

The special defense EV's ensure that Heatwave and Hidden power grass do under 35% from the standard zapdos set's. Letting you alternate between SD and roost to setup, although you can just as easily Stone edge/rockslide it to death as well.

You also outspeed all non scarf'd/Speed boosted Lucario ( and of course anything slower ) and get the OHKO with Earthquake.

Earthquake also allows you to finish off Tyranitar and Metagross who may be plaguing your team, just watch out for ice punch, explosion and Ice beam.

Now Infernape, while a good pokemon is not fitting your needs at all. Infernape cannot switch into Scizor or Lucario as after they setup, or attack to scout for switch ins Infernape is finished off by Bullet punch or Extreme speed after a swords dance from Lucario. The only way you can counter Lucario with infernape is to give it Mach punch/Vacuum wave or Earthquake, none of which are on your set.

So replace him for gliscor to provide those fighting resists that your team needs in order to help PZ to sweep.

Also If I may break down your team for a second, this is what you have;


Spiker + Spinner


Mixed sweeper

Bulky utility

"Star of the show" as people call it.

If the goal is to get Porygon Z to sweep, your goal is to remove Bulky steel and fighting types from play, and then unleash the fury that is PZ.

So a lead + Scout + PZ are necessary, but you also need something to A: Absorb fighting attacks ( gliscor ) B: Backup sweeper if PZ fails that also checks threats to your team ( ??? ) and C: Create a hole or opening for PZ to use to setup and start its rampage ( Bronzong?? )

However Bronzong only has 2 attacks at his disposal, meaning any of the rotom forms/Physical zapdos/Hippowdon/Swampert/metagross and the like can switch in, setup themselves and pose an immediate threat to PZ before you have the chance to setup. Bronzong does have the added bonus of stopping tyranitar for you however, along with Fortress.

The gliscor set I suggested covers some of that, but swampert, the rotom formes and hippowdon ( who usually runs Ice fang for some reason... ) are omnipresent threats that need to also be taken care of in order to get PZ out and about. And thats not even taking into consideration Tyranitar, salamence, Gyarados and Breloom who pose large threats to every team if played right.

So the next switch I'm asking you to make is to get rid of Fortress for Starmie, who helps you check dragons but also acts as a rapid spinner, and unlike fortress it has access to a recovery move and decent special attack.

Try out this set

Starmie @ leftovers

Timid with natural cure

200 hp/ 56 def/252 speed


Rapid spin



At full hp, with SR in play you have enough hp to take anything from salamence and Gyarados ( if they decide not to setup ) bar Outrage and KO the next turn, and in Gyarados's case even after a DD earthquake/Waterfall/Stone edge all fail to Kill off starmie.

The last move is dependent on what your team needs to counter, grass knot tears apart Swampert, Surf hits ground and fire types and ice beam gets grass and dragon types . You can also switch out Recover and use 2 attacks as well.

So now you have







Even with screens up PZ is not going to be surviving any real hits and setting up, so my last suggestion is to switch out Bronzong for a mixed sweeper/Stat upper that can help your team counter the Skarmbliss, Celetran and Joltvire / dos combo's, which will help PZ sweep the rest of your opponents team.

The answer!?

Well your team already covers a lot of it, but play around with my suggestions before making any real changes, and then see what give yous trouble first.

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