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Guide: How to get an event Pokemon into your game

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Have you ever wanted an event in your game, but couldn't because it was hosted far away, say New York or San Francisco or some other big city that's far away from the small town you live in? Maybe it was a Wi-Fi event that you waited until the last second to download then forgot, so you missed it. Well, don't let that get in the way of obtaining events! Guested, Nigoli, and various other contributors work hard to collect events for you to add to your game. But how do you add a *.pgf or *.pcd file or whatever to your game? There's 3 major ways:

  1. Save Editing
  2. Action Reply Codes
  3. GTS Hacks

And now I'm going to give details on each so you'll know just how to do it!

I. Save Editing

This is the undisputed
way to add event wonder cards to your game. First, you'll need access to your save file. If you're playing on an emulator or a flashcart, you already have access. If not, I have a handy guide detailing most ways of accessing your save file.

Once you have access to your save file, open it using Pokegen. Go to Tools -> Mystery Gifts, open your wondercard (*.pgf or *.pcd), and add it to one of your wonder card slots. Then save, restore your save using the method you used earlier, and there you go. You just received an event you missed (or perhaps one that you downloaded early because someone leaked it)! Either way, you're done!

II. Action Replay Codes

It's more likely you'll have an Action Replay than one of the devices needed to get your save, because Action Replays can be found at your local video game or department store. Here's what you have to do once you have an Action Replay:

Unless I missed an update or something
Pokegen does not currently support generating codes for Black 2 or White 2.
If you're using either of those games, you'll have to use a GTS hack for now until another workaround is introduced.

1. Open Pokegen

2. Set the target game under Options -> Target Game to, well, the game you're using.

3. Add a wonder card with Tools -> Mystery Gifts

4. Go to Tools -> Code Generator

5. Make sure you have the proper language and game selected

6. Choose what buttons you want to press to activate your code

7. Check Mystery Gifts

8. Click Export if you want to use the ARDS Code Manager to add the codes to your Action Replay, or Generate if you're going to add them another way.

9. (If you clicked generate) Note the drop down box above the text box to the right. You'll want the codes for Used Wondercard IDs
whichever slot you added your wonder card to.

And there you go. You have an ARDS code to give you the event. Be sure to talk to the delivery man in the Pokemart (4th gen) or Pokémon Center (5th gen).


If you made it here, then you either don't want to buy an Action Replay, or are trying to get your event onto Black 2 or White 2.

First, you must obtain a .pkm corresponding your wondercard. If you have a .pcd (4th gen), you can use Pokesav to extract a .pkm from the wondercard. Then upload it to your game using your choice of GTS hack. Try Pokecheck.org or Pokegts.us. You should find instructions on either site.

If you have a .pgf (5th gen), then there currently isn't a simple tool to get a .pkm from the wonder card. For now, search Pokecheck, or even the internet for a Pokémon that corresponds to the event you want. Once you've found one, you can use Pokegen to make subtle changes to it (perhaps its OT will always be yours, so you can change that to your OT info) then upload it to your choice of GTS hack. If/when a tool is released to extract a .pkm from a .pgf wonder card, I'll be sure to update this guide!

What you could also try is to use an emulator to grab your event in-game, and extract the resulting .pkm. Not that I'm telling you to find a ROM for the emulator, but if you just
to have one lying around on your hard drive that totally wasn't illegally downloaded after reading a guide that didn't tell you to download one. There are other legal ways, that... would let you get your save as well...

And that's the end of the guide! If you have any questions about any particular step, feel free to ask!

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8 minutes ago, Serket_ said:

PokeGen, does not work. I tried it on DeSmuMe with both Pokemon Black and Pokemon Platinum. Using it results in the save file bricking. 

PokeGen is very outdated as well as this guide, use PKHeX nowadays. Check the tutorials, most important should be steps 3 and 4 https://projectpokemon.org/home/tutorials/save-editing/using-pkhex/


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