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black 2 / white 2 Pokemon N and The Mystery of Latios


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Pokemon BW2 "Hack"

Status: CLOSED

What I edited: In this hack you play as N.

You befriend Latios (Bicycle).

You can get Mewtwo Awakened Forms

You can catch Espeon (Which is now kind of Sylveon)

Mewtwo Awakened forms are in the grottos

Whats missing: N fishing sprite, N when he wobbles on the mud lines, and N flying sprites

If you can help Post Here or Send me a Message

Story: You are young, you are left alone, dying losing hope, you ask yourself "What will become of me?"

Later on that same day a Mewtwo appears he shows you, and only you his new form, Mewtwo Awakened Form he tells you "My clones are destroying the Unova region, find them in the grotto's and destroy them all, fate rests in your hands, don't fail me!!!" You then search for the Mewtwos for 4 years after those long 4 years you give up, but then! One day you decide "I shall conquer the gyms. Maybe I'll find some Mewtwo Clones on the way." So you set off on your journey and on this journey you encounter a Latios who wants to befriend you, so you accept. You can now ride this Latios. You then travel far with Latios going to every grotto there is and defeating the Mewtwo clones. Once you defeat all the Mewtwo clones, the real Mewtwo comes to you in your dream and says "N you have proven yourself worthy, fight me come to the grotto in Route 18, and we shall fight there!!!"

Now for the patch!!! Click here

Credits: luckygirl88 for making most of the sprites of N

KazoWAR for the tools

JustaBomb for making Latios bike sprites

TiniVi for Mewthree and Sylveon sprites

Kaphotics for the .narc guide

Screenshots: Mewthree PokemonWhite2PlayasNMewthree1_zpsa949b9a4.pngPokemonWhite2PlayasN_Mewthree2_zpse5c56718.png

Sylveon PokemonWhite2PlayasNSylveon_zps75735591.pngPokemonWhite2PlayasNSylveon2_zps27f12dba.png

Nurse Joy with her "helpers" PokemonWhite2PlayasNNurseJoy_zps876982a1.png

"Driving" Latios PokemonWhite2PlayasNLatios_zpsb42ee880.pngPokemonWhite2PlayasNLatios2_zpse6320827.png

Sorry guys I just don't have the time to edit this anymore :/ So I leave it like this, if you want to edit it do whatever. I am done with this ROM hack

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4 hours ago, Invincible Greninja said:

I tried patching it with both Black 2 & White 2 roms but it says the rom is not compatible with the patch, could you possibly fix the patch Man?

perhaps your ROM version is incompatible with the patch.

Also OP said it was patched but never test, oh wells.

Also, status is closed, so I'm locking this :)

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