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Downloading .pkm file help needed!


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Alright this is what happens. Whenever I download a .pkm file from Project Pokemon, it doesn't work. I try using US Pokesav (D/P) to load it to the Pal Park edit section but it says Error: "?t?@?C???I?C?Y???Y?E?*C?s?**?U?**??,?{?b?N?X?a?I".

Where I put asterisks (*) I really meant that that was a character that I didn't know how to type up. When I load it with my US Pokesav Pokemon Platinum Version, it works perfectly fine. But if I use the US Pokesav Pokemon DP Version, it just wouldn't seem to work.

After the failed attempt of Pal Park edit, I tried Party edit, it still wouldn't work with the same error. What am I doing wrong?

Please Help,


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