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How do you make legit event pokemon?


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I've searched for this thread and couldn't find it so delete this if you must.

Hi, I have never tried making event pokemon that didn't originate from Black 2 or White 2. I'm trying to make a basic Victini but fail at making them legit pokemon. I succeed at every other attempt, even at making legit traded pokemon, it's Pokemon that can't be bred and must have "Event" checked that I have problems with. The way I check for legitimacy is by talking to the random match up girl, who won't allow hacked pokemon.

I use the PID setting to make them legit, btw. I put it on 10 or 11 for "Event pokemon", still doesn't work. I mean it works but it's not legit. My AR just shows these weird colors now, I think it's broken haha.

edit: Pokegen is what I use

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Legit? Go to the event and get the Pokemon for reals. If it isn't legit, it isn't legit.

Legal? Use the pgf files from the Event Gallery and insert them into your save with Pokegen.

I feel you, I would if I could but after my Genesect ended up with a sassy nature I just got tired of it. If I took the time to learn RNG then I'd give up cheating forever.

And, save? What I do is plug the action replay in, make the codes, and manually activate the codes with the game and AR in the DS. I'm using an actual game not a ROM so I wouldn't know of a safe way to plug it into a computer.

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