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Poke Walker Avvies


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OK so normally I do icon and other various commissions under the alias RyuuYouki. One of my newest additions to my icon and badge commission is the "Poke'Walker". In honor of the HG/SS and in thanks to ProjectPokemon for giving me all the details I am taking free requests for my pixel icon Poke'Walkers. This is for PP members only.

Here is an example of what my Pixel Poke'Walkers look like.


If you would like one of these please post here with what you would like in the screen. If at all possible please provide said image. I can also change the type of poke'ball if you so wish.

This is the Badge version of my Poke'Walker. These however are not free, so any info you want on them will have to be discussed off site. I just figured you guys would like a look.


The Poke'Walker is © to GameFreak, the art is © to me AKA RyuuYouki. The lizard in the badge is a pet © to my pet site Renkilia.

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So, like, we have to pay for them? If so, how?

Not the avvies. I am giving those away for free as a thank you to this community :3

If you mean the badges, they are meant for conventions and such. They get printed out, laminated and mailed to you. I sell them on my FA account, and I take paypal or money order via snail mail.

But again the avatars, like the one I am using now are %100 free. Just post what you would like. Didn't mean to confuse anyone ^^; Just wanted to show off my work. If it is too confusing I can take it down or put it in a spoiler.

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You know, I could use one of FLOOTENKERP, which is this picture.php?albumid=47&pictureid=329 I made the sprite myself. If you could make a Pokewalker avy out of that, that would be great. I don't know if you can, but can you also shade the sprite a little more? If not it's fine, hope I'm not asking to much of you. If the image is to small, tell me and I'll try to get a bigger version without it blurring.

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if your not to busy could you make me one with my curse arceus icon in it?

can you put its head in the picture like you did yours?

can you pm me when its done?

the pokewalker icon idea is really cool.



Edited by derrick
i only need the non shiny arceus picture
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Your gold and silver one is cool

i got bord and decided to edit the one you made for me

these are in no way mine the oringnal was done bye


these are just ones i edited

I know thw timerball is crapey so is the green and pink one i just made useing curse arceuses colors...

cherish ball walker.PNG

curse arceus pokewalker.PNG

pokewalkerpixelderrick with flames.PNG

premier ball walker.PNG

timer ball walker.PNG

ultra ball walker.PNG







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yeah i made a greatball one but it didnt turn out well so i didnt post it.

and i tryed makeing a dark one and when i was half way trough it looked like it had a giant coffe stain on it (my spelling isint that great)

Most of the ones i posted on here are based on in game pokeballs chereish ball

premier ball and so on..

oh and i just had a good idea for a camo colored pokeball!

I tryed makeing a gs ball two but it didnt look good i was wondering if you could make me one but the letters gs on top like the real gs-ball?

or is that yours only?

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now i dont have to wait for one! :3

could i get a SHINY lugia in a ball similar to yours? sorry i dont have the sprite. i believe lugia is red when shiny....

please pm when done! thanks

Actually Shiny Lugia is pink

i think a shadow lugia pokewalker would be cool...

but then again one with a giratina theme would really cool!

That would be cool

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