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Cynthia B&W2 Hero Sprite Replacer


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Hello! I'd thought I'd share my project with everyone, I hope you enjoy it!

What this does - It will replace ALL of the female hero over-world sprites, as

well as the back sprite, and make them appear as Cynthia.

This is only for Pokemon Black and White 2

All instructions inside the README. Very easy to follow, finish within minutes.

All Images are inside the Update7 aswell, you only need the narcs for

installation though.


Currently in creation) - Mugshot and Trainer Card

Found minor texture issues in Update 6, now fixed in Update 7.

Also, since this is the final update, it's not going to be progressed anymore. Can a Mod. move this to the proper spot. Thanks!









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I agree, haha!! I just started doing pixel drawings about 3 days ago, well actually its my first time doing any form of art on a computer, usually its just pencil & paper! xD

And the cut on the coat, on which image, the middle one? Also if I do find out (hoping I will) I'll be sure to post it here!

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Sorry, think you can add a few sprites over that fence Cynthia each use the [HM Fly] and use that to return to the original sprite, and shield sprites for battles against rival and another full body shield for battle against champion Iris?, please ... I appreciate it very much.

My sincere gratitude.

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